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1/26/2018 » 1/27/2018
VAMA YES Seminar

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Request for MicroMarket Numbers In VA
SB 414

Hello VAMA Members:

As you may know, VAMA is currently working on legislation surrounding the passing of SB 414. The state has concerns that it may need to hire several people to inspect the state’s MicroMarkets.  There are budgeting concerns surrounding this that may impacting MicroMarket licensing fees. Our objective is to have a single permit that covers all markets rather than individual market permits. VAMA needs your help to compile some industry data!
Our lobbyist, Jeff Smith III, has requested that we provide him with the total number of MicroMarkets in our state. We would appreciate our membership’s help in determining the number of MicroMarkets in the state. VAMA would like members to email Beth and Michelle at, with the number of MicroMarkets in your company. This would be a private list where only the total number of MicroMarkets in the state will be reported to Jeff Smith.
Your assistance with this effort is most appreciative and will help in our efforts to create MicroMarket legislation that serves our industry best.


VAMA Legislative Bulletin

January 16th, 2018
Dear VAMA member - a note from our lobbyist, Jeff Smith III:
The 60 day regular session of the 2018 General Assembly convened Wednesday and here are some of the recent organizational changes taking place since the November elections:

Republicans will hold a 51-49 majority in the House with Delegate Kirk Cox (R) being elected the new Speaker of the House.  Del Cox has reorganized all House committees based on the transformed House from November elections.  Republicans hold a 21-19 majority in the Senate and were not involved in elections this past November, but face reelection in 2019 along with the House again.  At this very early point there seems to be a real sense of cooperation between the parties as demonstrated with committee assignments,  but certainly think could change as they dig deeper into more controversial issues later.

We are pleased to report that SB 414 the Micro Market legislation passed Senate Agriculture Committee yesterday 11-0-1 abstention.  The abstention from Sen Sutterlein (R ) from Roanoke area thinking the penalty too stiff with permitting requirement.  SB 414 was the first bill acted on and past by Sen AG for the 2018 session!  As reported things move fast and should be on the Senate floor for further votes next week.  It will then go to the House which by that time things will be a bit more settled down from all the changes-thus why we went in the Senate direction first.

Further, today we learned that VA Dept of AG and Consumer Services have indicated a fiscal impact for additional people to issue permits / audit-----will keep you updated on this new piece-------

VA Public Access Project has provided a link for the following:
    •    List of five new committee chairs
    •    List of all returning members who changed committees
    •    List of all assignments for each of the 19 freshmen members
View: 2018 House Committee Assignments

Click here for our link to the VAMA Legislative Bulletin for bills offered so far and any questions feel free to circle back.  Thank you for your support in contacting legislators!

SB 414 Introduced – Contact Your Legislator TODAY!

Dear VAMA member:
Things are moving VERY FAST and your association is hard a work for you!  Please read below for some Legislative work we are doing to protect your businesses!
VAMA has been working with our lobbyists on legislation to define micro markets and it was introduced by Senator McDougal, now called SB 414:  Micro Market Act that will establish minimum standards for the operation of a micro market and provide that any person who operates a micro market without the required permit or violates a condition of such permit is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.
Find the Full text of the bill here:  01/09/18  Senate: Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/10/18 18104431D
SB 414 is on the Senate Agriculture Committee docket for tomorrow afternoon and given the number of bills not sure if it will come up but anything on the docket is fair game to be heard.  Our lobbyists will be on hand but we wanted to alert you to the good news.  See the attached information sheet that you can send when you contact any committee members that you know (or live in their districts).  Encourage them to support this legislation and if they have any questions, to reach out to the VAMA office. 

Please see phone and email addresses for each committee member below:
Chairman Stuart:  (804) 698-7528,
Hanger:  (804) 698-7524.
Ruff:   (804) 698-7571,
Obenshain:    (804) 698-7526,
Petersen:  (804) 698-7534,
Marsden:  (804) 698-7537,
Stanley:  (804) 698-7520,
Black:  (804) 698-7513,
Ebbin:  (804) 698-7530,
Lewis:  (804) 698-7506,
Chafin:  (804) 698-7538,
Dance:  (804) 698-7516,
Suetterlein (804) 698-7519,
Mason:  (804) 698-7501,
McClellan:  (804) 698-7509,


VAMA YES! Seminar
Transforming Leaders CoachShop with
Ty Bello at Team@Work

January 26th & 27th, 2018

Hilton Richmond Downtown
501 E Broad St
Richmond, VA 23219
Ph: 804-344-4300
Reservation Cutoff Date: Jan 10, 2018

VAMA invites YOU to a revamped 2-day YES! Seminar on Transforming Leaders with Ty Bello at Team@Work and Board Meeting on January 26 & 27th, 2018 at the Hilton Richmond Downtown. Click here for a note from Ty Bello.

The Team@Work Transforming Leaders CoachShop SM is built on three guiding principles. First, we believe that understanding who we are as leaders is the first step in becoming a True Leader. However, we strongly believe that understanding who you are as a leader is just a step and unless you develop Application of Leadership, you will do little to improve you’re your team and your business. Second, there is a difference between Leading, Managing, and Coaching and to be most effective we must have a clear understanding of all three and know their personal style. Third, we believe that Leaders can be developed and change their behavior. Click here for a detailed description of Ty's seminar.

Click here for ONLINE Registration

Click here for PRINTABLE Registration

Friday, January 26th
10am-12pm Board Meeting/Lunch
2-6pm Ty Bello - part 1
6:30 Reception/Dinner

Saturday, January 27th
8am-12pm Ty Bello - part 2
Members: $99 per person
Non-Members: $199 per person

Hilton Richmond Downtown
501 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23219
Ph: 804-344-4300
Reservation Cutoff Date: Jan 10, 2018

More Than 1000 Attendees Kicked Up Their Spurs
at ACE 2017!

MYRTLE BEACH, SC - The Embassy Suites at Kingston Plantation was the chosen venue for the 64th edition of the Atlantic Coast Exposition (ACE) where operators and suppliers from all across the US gathered to take part in educational sessions, see and show new products and equipment. The theme: “Kick Up Your Spurs at ACE 2017” produced many country and western looks across the venue. The exhibit halls were packed – each room filled with booths and exhibitors spoke of the increased operator traffic and excitement about the show. Participants from 32 states and Canada took part in this three-day convention that is the largest show of its kind on the East Coast and for the second year in a row, attendance has topped the 1000 mark!  Click Here For ACE 2017 Press Release

ACE 2018 SAVE THE DATE:  Oct 11-13, 2018

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